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Do you have an article or an idea you would like to share with our web visitors? Just send it to us at Support(@) codewit.com. If you have photos or any audio or videotapes to accompany your text, please email them to support@codewit.com.
Please read our Author Guidelines for further details.

We accept articles· on the various topics as listed below:

1. Arts & Media

2. Culture & Identity

3. Nigeria & African News

4. Learning & Education

5. Health & Wellness

6. Peace, Conflict & Governance

7. Politics & Society

8. Environment & Urbanization

9. Work & Economics

10. Technology & Innovation

11. Others – You can submit for us to verify its relevant

The articles on Codewit.com are anything from 500-to 2,500 words in length but don’t worry if your story is only a few hundred words. And if you have just a rough outline of an article, we’ll be happy to offer you some tips to get your piece into shape.Please note that not all submissions will be published on the site. The decision will be at the discretion of the website Editors and producers.

Codewit editors reserve the right to edit your article.

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