Light skinned man changes complexion after drinking Guinness #MadeOfBlack

Chaos ensued in a popular bar along Obalande area of Lagos yesterday, after a young man drank his 3rd bottle of Guinness aka Small stout and was immediately transformed.

According to eye witnesses, the middle aged light skinned man was drinking his bottles of Guinness quietly, while taking his third bottle of the small stout, the Guinness “Made of black” advert aired on a nearby Television, so the unsuspecting customer watched and sipped his Guinness in smiles. To the surprise of everyone present, the light skinned man immediately transformed into a very dark “black man”

Some of the other customers returned the bottles of Guinness they’ve bought, while some encouraged the now crying black man to be happy because he will sue the leading beer company in Africa.

The Management of Guinness Nigeria has immediately disassociated the company from such weird occurrence, stating that the #MadeOfBlack campaign has no connection with Changing the complexion of consumers citing that “Black is not a colour but an attitude”.

As at the time of this report, we at FNN are still waiting on the Federal Government and PDP to claim this neo skin toning is in line and as a result of President Jonathan’s Transformation agenda.

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