Woman Masturbates During Deliverance Session..(See Photo)

A woman was caught masturbating during the general deliverance session at a church at Obalende area of Lagos State. The pastor was conducting a general deliverance session where he was casting out familiar and unfamiliar spirits from the members of the congregation, who began to drop one by one under the anointing.

The woman who was amongst those who fell under the superior sledgehammer of the Holy Ghost was carried to the front where the pastor laid hands on her alongside others. Lo and behold, the woman started manifesting when she began to touch herself in her private areas. The ushers who thought she was responding to the power of the anointing tried to keep her hands away from her breasts, but this proved fultile as it seemed to interfere with the deliverance. She was then left on her own, when she began to touch her vaginal region while moaning in ecstasy.

However, the pastor and ushers who were currently paying attention to another person who was being delivered had temporarily forgotten about her, until her loud moans began to distract the pastor. Pastor who turned round in shock to notice the lady enjoying herself on the sacred altar was appalled and began to administer slaps on the lady, which roused her from her sexual reverie.

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