“We have only 2 Shekaus left, Army have killed the rest” – Abubakar Shekau

After the recent resurgence of activities against Boko Haram by the Nigerian Armed Forces and an onslaught on Sambisa Forest, for the first time in a very long while, Boko haram are on the defensive.

According to secret reports reaching our desk, the latest attack on Boko Haram positions left many terrorists dead, among them suspected men who were in line to be the next Shekau in the event of the death of the current Shekau.

As many Nigerians have rightfully speculated, Shekau is not just a person, but a title. The current holder of the title of Abubakar Shekau cried out to his fellow terrorists brothers in secret emails sent to Al Shabbab, Al Qaeda and ISIS, asking for help as his men were being decimated by Nigerian Armed Forces incursions.

In the leaked email, which was intercepted by wikileaks, the current Shekau said:
“Please my brothers in arms, we need help urgently. The Army are not playing anymore! They raided my forest strong hold. I am running very low of arms, as they seized the small arsenal we had at Monguno. Worse, their latest attack resulted in the death of Ali ibn Hassan, Issiaq Abdulraheem, Ibrahim Daura and Audu Rano, who were all next in line to be the new Shekau in case i died in battle. Now we have only 2 extra Shekaus left. Please accord your brother succor!”

So far, the other terrorist groups have ignored Shekaus email. Al Shabab had previously decided to send all his mails to spam. They don’t exactly like Shekau.

Military intelligence agencies are currently trying to trace the origin of the email.
More of this in subsequent bulletins.

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