NIGERIA: Man Marries Spiritual Wife In Ikoyi

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Pandemonium broke loose when a man in ikoyi applied to the marriage registry to get married to a woman whom he alleged to be a spiritual entity.

Apparently, the young man went to the marriage registry dressed up in suit and looking ready for the ceremony, but trouble started when the clerk asked him where the bride was.

His reply that his wife was standing beside him made the clerk look at him with such malicious disdain which was not unsuggestive of the fact that the young man was probably an escapee from one of the maximum security mental institutions in the country.

When asked to explain, the young man replied that his wife was a spiritual beimg who was not visible to ordinary mortals, except those who who were exceptionally  righteous.

This reply irritated the clerk who saw it as an insult suggestive of his unrighteousness. When asked how he intended to consumate the proposed marriage with a spiritual woman whom he probably could not see, he expressed his doubts and said that where there is a will, there is a way, and he and his wife would work out an arrangement which would be beneficial to both the spiritual and physical worlds.

However, the young man’s application to get married to the spiritual wife was refused, as the practice was one which was unheard of and contrary to our system of law.

He was advised to proceed to a spiritual marriage registry to effect the marriage, especially as it would be within the jurisdiction of his wife’s government.

The aggrieved young man then proceeded to  the high court where he sought an injunction to compel the marriage registry to perform their lawful duty by approving the marriage.

He also sued them for breach of his fundamental right to freedom of association, as the registry were purportedly preventing him from having legal relations with his spiritual wife.

The case is scheduled to be heard on the 5th of March at the Ikoyi High Court.

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