“Adesuwa Leave My Husband Alone” – See Leaked SMS Between Patience Jonathan And Adesuwa

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In the aftermath of the Presidential Media chat last night,  two things were obvious to Nigerians:
First, that the journalists asking the questions were Jonathan apologists probably on his payroll, and Second, that Ace Journalist, Adesuwa Oyenokwe, was particularly particular about pleasing the President during the interview.
Tongues have been wagging since the end of the media chat about a possible romantic liaison between Adesuwa and the president, so much that the First Lady Dame Patience was forced to take action to secure her marital home.
In a text conversation leaked to FNN, Same Patience confronted Adesuwa Oyenokwe on her alleged affair with her husband.

PATIENCE: Hello, is this Adesuwa

ADESUWA: Yes it is. Who is this please?

PATIENCE: Na me, your first Lady, Patience Faka Jonathan

ADESUWA: OMG, Mrs First Lady! What an honour

 PATIENCE: I am not here for greeting. I wan ask you as kweshun

ADESUWA: Yes Ma, go right ahead

PATIENCE: You are doing anything with my ozzban?


PATIENCE: You are doing anything with Ebele?

ADESUWA: That’s Preposterous ma.

PATIENCE: Pre-wetin? You wan to scatter my head with big big English? It will not work for you o Adesuwa

ADESUWA: Ma I really don’t understand

PATIENCE: Ah. You will understand. Why you’re not asking my ozzban hard question yesterday? You think I no watch it? You think you can cone and enter like Dieziani? If you like, ask him easy question, if you like don ask, this is lass time you will ever ask my ozzban question. I have tell Abati, you no go dey ask any question again

ADESUWA: that is very unfair and untrue ma

PATIENCE: Das your business. There can be only one first lady. I don go, I have to cook morrin food for my ozzban. Bye bye

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