NIGERIA: “It Is Time To Reveal Boko Haram Sponsors” – Abubakar Shekau

Ever since the advent of Democracy in 1999, Nigerians have come to terms with the fact that unusual things will always happen during election season – from the farcical, to the comical, to the downright horrific.

However, a mail which leaked online and was quickly deleted in the wee hours of this morning is bound to send shock waves racing the length and breadth of the Nation.


The threat was made by Boko Haram Leader, Abubakar Shekau, in an email to a certain Ahmad Salkida, a reporter based in Dubai, which happened to find its way to the internet and was quickly intercepted by Wikileaks before it was could be deleted.

In the mail, Shekau expresses his willingness to continue to battle the combined Armed Forces of Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroon, but will not stand idly by while his sponsors try to exonerate themselves from the Violence. He expresses anger over the way his sponsors have abandoned him after the Africa Union announced a combined 8,700 strong Force to battle his Sect.

The mail reads:

“Ahmad, can you see how these people have treated me? They have deserted me at a time I need them the most. I am no fool. These infidels, yes they are infidels, they cannot be my brothers if they choose to forsake me at such a critical time in our battle to establish the Caliphate and entrench Sharia. In almost 2 weeks, we have not received a single bullet from our so called ‘Sponsors’. Now they are kowtowing with Jonathan. No, their plan will not work. Ahmad, you will let the world know. You will let these infidels know, by Allah, of me and my men do not hear from them in the next THREE weeks, THEN ALL THEIR NAMES WILL BE BROUGHT OUT IN THE OPEN. WE WILL ALL GO DOWN TOGETHER. Ahmad, tell them I am not bluffing, My Word is My Word. I WILL LIST ALL WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED EVEN ONE KOBO TO MY ARSENAL. I WILL SEND IT TO ALL JAZEERA, I WILL SEND IT TO CNN, I WILL SEND IT TO THE CIA, TO INTERPOL, TO THE HAGUE, TO EVERYBODY. The World will know”

“Tell them I said this. Tell them Abubakar Shekau is a Man of His Word.”

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