NIGERIA: “Buhari may not be alive for new election date” – Gov Fayose

PDP Stalwart and Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose, has shocked Nigerians and the APC by revealing the apparent reason behind the postponement of the February 14 Polls.

The Ekiti state Governor unwittingly disclosed to a close aide the following:

“Ah. These people think they are smart. Iro nla. They think they can leak my tape and go Scot free. By the time we shift the election by 6 weeks, let us see if their aspirant will still be around to contest. You know that man looks sickly”.

We cannot categorically conclude what he meant by this statement, but it is our understanding that Ayo Fayose expects the General’s health to fail in the proposed 6 weeks.

President Goodluck Jonathan has immediately distanced himself from the Governor’s statement.

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