Atiku Request For Refund Of $20,000 He Paid Delegates Each

An almost broke Former Vice President Alhaji Abubakar has asked the party to refund the money he spent on APC delegates to soften their perception towards him. This development was revealed by an Anonymous source inside the APC hierarchy.

The source revealed that Alhaji Atiku had paid some “Palm-Greasing Deposit” to the party leadership for onward transmission to the delegates.

Actually, all the contestants who participated at the Primaries were meant to have paid this deposit, but only Atiku (being the richest of the lot and the most unstable) did pay the deposit.

Our Anonymous source revealed that the rate of the Palm-Greasing Deposit (PGD) was $20k/delegate, and he deposited for 5000 delegates pay the remaining 3000 delegates upon winning the Primaries.

However, given the fact that his PGD was unable to sway the affections of the delegates in his favour, and the more disturbing fact that our dear ex V.P. seems to be running broke and nearing bankruptcy, he has asked the APC leadership for a refund of his PGD.

Our Anonymous source also confirmed that the secret meeting held between Buhari and Atiku on Sunday was instigated by the APC leadership who advised Buhari to take Atiku as his running mate in order to avoid refunding his PGD.

However, Atiku seems reluctant to accept the position of Vice President, especially given the fact that he has previously served as a Vice -President under Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

Our Anonymous source also confirmed that Atiku is very unhappy with the way things played out, and is at the brink of having a major fall-out with the APC leadership on the issue.

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