NIGERIA: INEC Postpone Elections Date

News breaking out of INEC Headquaters at Abuja reveal that plans are being made to postpone the elections scheduled to hold in February next year to November of the same year in order to allow the major actors in the election get ready for the polls on all sides.

According to INEC Chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega, “We have received multiple complaints from the parties contesting the polls, particularly APC and PDP that there is hardly enough time for their candidates to sufficiently prepare for the elections scheduled to hold on February 14.

For example, PDP complained that President Goodluck Jonathan needs more time tpo spend his 21 billion Naira while in office without being disturbed by EFCC. This is very understandable, as the immunity clause that applies to the president empowers him to act outside the probe of investigation.

PDP also complained that President Goodluck Jonathan needs more time to look for and appoint a Campaign Director, especially given the fact that MAVIN Boss Don Jazzy recently refused the offer to be his Campaign Director. The President can’t effectively prepare for the elections without a Campaign team.

I am personally recommending and suggesting that the President appoints Banky W to head his campaign team.

APC also complained that their Vice Presidential candidate Professor Yemi Osibanjo needs more time to dye his hair into a presentable format. We all know that his hair is not electorable enough, and APC needs to do something about it.

They also complained that Buhari needs more time to complete his medical check-ups abroad, and he has not even gone for any.

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