NIGERIA: “Fuel Price Will Increase After Elections” – General Buhari

Minutes after it was announced officially that the pump price of petroleum has been dropped from N97 to N87 with immediate effect, the Presidential Flag Bearer of the APC, General Muhammadu Buhari has warned Nigerians to not be fooled by this presidential “Greek Gift”, as it is only a ploy by the ruling PDP to score points with the voting populace ahead of the coming polls.

“Fleaze tell my Pellow Nigerians”, he said to our FNN correspondent over the phone “do not be pooled vy this Greek Gipt vy fresident Jonathan, to vring down the frice of fetrol to N87. I can assure you, he is doing this just to get your botes (votes) on Election day, and immediately his flan works, fetrol will vecome expensive again.”

“Do not allow ze fresident to pool you vith a mere N10 reduction in frice op puel. Ask yourself, why is ze price op fetrol just coming down, ip it has been cheap por ober 2 months in the United States and oza OPEC countries? Pellow Nigerians, we need to ask ourselp these ifortant questions”

“I urge Nigerians to act vith visdom, and continue to suffort ze AFeeC, myself and my bice fresident, Frafessar Osinbade, as we head to ze polls in Pebuary.”

Meanwhile the New OPEC Chairman, Mrs. Diezeani Allison-Madueke and President Jonathan, have allayed fears that the fall in petroleum pump price is not a tactic employed by the Presidency to sway the polls in his favor, and assures Nigerians that the price reduction is permanent and done with the intentions of Nigerians at heart.

A statement is due to be released by the Presidency later on. More on this in subsequent Bulletins.

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