NIGERIA: Man Cuts Off His Manhood Due To Fasting

A member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God who is currently engaged in the 21 days fasting and prayer organised by the church has taken his faith to the next level.

In a bid to remain steadfast in his faith and not yield to the temptations of the world which might steer him of the track of his fasting, the 27 year old man reportedly cut off his penis from the rest of his body with a machete.

According to him, the 21 day fasting and prayer session should be taken very seriously, and it is a period when one must give up on everything which gives him pleasure.

He was attacked by neighbors after they taught he was attempting to perform a ritual till he was able to example to them and a church friend could vouch for him

He had been doing well without food and water, but his penis had been giving him trouble since he started fasting with its frequent little erections each day.

In his words, ” the penis has a mind of its own and it is capable of doing things which are totally out of my control. It usually gets erect every now and then, and konji sets in.

And you know that konji is one of the things that leads people into sin. The erections were making me weaker spiritually and in the fast. That is why I cut it off.

Even Jesus Christ said that we should cut off anything which will make us sin.” When FNN asked him whether he considered the long tern implications of his actions before embarking on the, he replied that he had taken all the necessary measures, and was sure that the penis would grow back on his body after the 21 day fasting period.

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