” Voting For Goodluck Jonathan Would Wipe All Your Sins Away ” – Doyin Okupe

Chief Doyin Okupe, the Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan who likened the President to Jesus Christ last year has come with another revelation.

FNN team ran into Doyin Okupe on his way back from church on Sunday, and he begged us to interview him, as there was a new revelation that he had.

According to him, “You know that GEJ is like Jesus Christ, the Son of God. And when you believe in the Son of God, all your sins shall be wiped away.

As a Special Adviser to the Son of God here in Nigeria, and therefore one of the Angels that is charged with delivering the masses from the shenanigans of the evil propaganda of the Devil through his number one agent in Nigeria, General Murtala Buhari, it was revealed to me that anyone who indeed believes that GEJ is the Son of God shall be saved.”

When we asked him to clarify more on the issue, he continued, “GEJ is like Jesus Christ. If you vote for GEJ, you are affirming your belief in Jesus Christ, and all your sins shall be wiped away. It is that simple”

We then asked him whether the sins of those who looted the economy would also be wiped away, he replied that “there is nothing like big sin or small sin, that God looks at the heart. When God looks at your heart and evinces an intention to vote for GEJ, ALL your sins shall be wiped away, be you a murderer, prostitute, petty thief, or white collar thief”

FNN doesn’t know how GEJ intends to wipe away our sins, whether it is by Presidential Pardon or by Spiritual Justification, but it does not look good for looters of our economy to be allowed to go scott free. The God of Heaven and Earth in the Bible is a righteous God that punishes evil doers. Maybe GEJ is not like Jesus in the Bible, or maybe he is indeed like Jesus, but a prodigal son.

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