Buhari Forgets My name Often, Even During Sex” – Mrs Aisha Buhari


“Just when you think you cannot see anything new again, you witness a car reversing at a roundabout” is the correct expression for the headline above and the story that follows.

The recent happenings which includes but is not limited to: Campaigns all around, wives joining their husbands to campaign, First lady making statements and attending interviews, and now First Lady to-be (may or may not be true) now claiming Buhari actually forgets her name often.

CWN gathered this at a recent campaign rally organized by the APC after the wives of the wanna-be president and vice joined them on the field.

CWN had a chance to speak with the wife of GMB and she had a lot of things to say amongst which she admits that GMB might actually have amnesia (though not verbally) which was put into light after buhari forgot the name of his vice president.

She said and CWN quotes “My husband is a very loving and caring man and needless to say, it is not expected of most military personnel but mine is a very different species entirely. We still relate like we just started dating yesterday and this is part of the reasons why I never look my age.

While he was on this campaign trip alone (without me), he kept keeping in touch and kept reminding me of how he misses me a lot and he hopes I would be able to meet them up at some point during the campaign and I keep reminding him that we have businesses at home that need to be taken care of but after much persuasion and cajoling, I decided to meet up with him on his trip (before somebody goan snatch my husband o).”

CWN proceeded to enquire by asking if they had in anyway been hindered from expressing their love and affection these recent times considering that her husband – GMB – is now a party property and may not have time for her.

She responded by saying “No! NO!! NO!!! It does not affect us one bit.

When asked about the latest incident that happened where Her husband forgot the name of his VP in owerri and if this had ever happened before, she replied by saying “Yes it has happened several times , he forgets my name and name of his own children at times.. the only problem I have with my husband (GMB) is that he forgets my name while we are making love and this really is a big deal for me as I am a very emotional lover. I keep suggesting that we should seek medical advice but he keeps insisting that he didn’t forget but he was just playing pranks o I let it slide. Let me keep quiet now before I expose my private life to you people. You journalists ehn, you are very smart and intelligent.”

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