Goodluck Jonathan Agrees To Meet Boko Haram Leader One-On-One


BIG news from the stables of CWN is here and it states that “President Goodluck Jonanthan aka GEJ is set to meet with the boko haram leader one-on-one on or before the coming elections.

Our reporters gathered this at a press conference organized by the Federal Government on behalf of the incumbent president as a means of campaign for a 2nd term for GEJ.

At the conference, the committee in charge of investigating the insurgencies in the states unrest emphatically stated that they have been able to relate directly with the leader of the Boko haram sect and he has specifically requested that GEJ and himself seats at a round table to discuss and make decisions as to how the affairs of Nigeria would be run if he wins.

Following up after the press conference, our reporters approached the head of the committee (names withheld) and asked him how the meeting came about.

He replied in the statement below:

“We have been on this insurgency issue for too long and so many innocent people including great men and women have gone to the world beyond (died) so we decided that the only way to end thi is to leave the grassroots and grab the bull by the horn so we tried to penetrate them and got a link to their leader.

We communicated with him and explained to him that two wrongs can never make a right. He reasoned with us and decided to negotiate but only with the president himself and physically at that because we even suggested that we can get a dedicated line through to the president.

We have fixed a date and a time for them to meet but we are definitely not going to let that out now for security reasons.

We hope that the meeting and agreements will spur Nigerians to vote us back into power so we can finish what we didn’t start (OBJ did).”

CWN also tried to reach the president after the press conference but he was too tied up.

While speaking with other people present at the conference, we gathered from a few people that this development is a good one and might just as well have a positive effect on the coming elections.

Some of our readers were also at the conference and they also claimed to vote for good leadership and not the party.

CWN has therefore concluded that the forthcoming elections will be a fight between who is the best and not the best or bigger party.

We borrow the saying from OBJ that goes “VOTE GOOD GOVERNMENT NOT GOOD LUCK”

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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