The Cancer FIghter: Environmental toxins in the body

Cancerous cellsThere are several types of toxins that can build up in the body. If you are fighting cancer, it is especially important you remove these toxins from your system or you will never be able to effectively deal with the disease.

As you have learned from previous chapters, you can physically remove a cancerous tumor, but unless you also remove the original cause, the cancer will ultimately return.

Type 1: Cellular Toxicity
Cellular toxicity is formed when there is a buildup of acidity in the body preventing the body from getting rid of dangerous toxins. The toxins have nowhere else to go and end up taking residence in our vital cells. You don’t need me to tell you that this simply isn’t good.

Type 2: Heavy Metal Toxicity
Do you eat a lot of fresh water fi sh? Do you have a mouthful of
amalgam fi llings? Th en you may have heavy metal toxicity. Heavy metal toxicity results from years of being exposed to toxic heavy metals. The body becomes weak and vulnerable to disease. If you receive a cancer diagnosis it’s vital to do what you can to remove these deadly heavy metals from your body. The best way to do this is to take three days to drink only pure water (and organic herbal teas) and consume organic and locally grown fresh fruits and veggies.

Type 3: Chemical Toxicity
On a daily basis we’re all exposed to chemicals. Depending on your body’s own unique makeup these chemicals can build up and lead to chemical toxicity or your body can simply expel the chemicals as long as there aren’t too many on a daily basis to deal with.
Chemicals used to clean your house, wash your car, do the dishes and laundry, as well as kill weeds in your fl ower garden can all contribute to chemical toxicity. Th is buildup eventually catches up with the body
resulting in disease as well as organ and skin problems.

Type 4: Colon Toxicity
You may have seen some of the news stories of patients engaging in colon cleansing to remove colon toxins. A glance at any one of these pictures reveals a lot of disturbing material coming out of the body during a colon cleansing to fi ght colon toxicity. From entire, intact vitamin pills to what looks like hardened rubber, it’s shocking to find what’s been sitting inside of your colon for years, maybe even decades.

Colon toxicity is the result of hard to digest food and unpassed fecal matter staying inside of the colon for far longer than it is supposed to stay. When these matters aren’t eliminated from the body these toxic materials begin to decay and release their toxins into the body. This not only adds more dangerous toxins to the body it prevents the proper absorption of nutrients from the other foods we’re eating. I recommend regular colon cleanses.

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