200 Cattles infected with Food, Mouth disease in Bauchi

Bauchi-About 200 cattles in Toro local government area of Bauchi State has been infected with Food and Mouth Disease .

The Vetinary Officer of the local government Malam Adamu Abdu Jibrin who stated this yesterday while speaking to newsmen in Toro, described the disease as highly contagious among cattles especially at water point area.

He said,” Food and mouth disease is a highly contagious viral infectious disease of cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. It can also affect wild animals, especially buffalo, which act as a significant hosts and in which the disease is generally much milder than in cattle”

“The virus can be harboured for periods in the nasopharynx of wild fauna(respiratory system of the body).

The importance of the disease in small stock such as sheep and goats is largely as carriers of disease to cattle.”

” The disease is mainly transmitted through inhalation or ingestion of the virus from contaminated feeds and direct contact with infected animals. Human can also transfer infection to other animals through movement of people and vehicles from an infected premises to susceptible areas”

The Vetinary Officer said that the incubation period is on average 3 to 8 days after the animals are infected with virus, adding that Infected animals will the discharge the virus through the saliva, rupture of vesicles and blisters on the tongue and feet.

Malam Adamu who advised the people of the area to be vigilant, said the disease can also affect human beings who may come in close contact with infected animals.

He therefore called on the state government to urgently take the necessary measure to avert the spread of the disease.

On Bird Flu, Malam Abdu Adamu said about fifty birds were so far killed in the area within one month.

He urged farmers to report any case of ill health in poultry and ensure high level of hygiene while handling poultry products.

According to him the outbreak of the disease was confirmed in seventeen states that include Bauchi, Plateau, Kano, Kaduna, Jigawa and Gombe States

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