Ebola: House Urges FG to Contain Spread to Nigeria

 The House of Representatives has appealed to the federal government not to allow the deadly Ebola virus to spread to Nigeria.

The House on its part, has set in motion the process of having a  legislative  framework on the prevention of the dreaded disease, which it assigned its committees on Health and Disaster Preparedness to start working on.

The House was propelled to take these actions following a motion brought under matters of national importance by Hon. Kingsley Chinda, (PDP, Rivers).

According to Chinda, the cause of Ebola had been traced to the unsafe burial practices in West Africa, adding that: “health is of utmost importance and one of the areas the federal government ought to give attention to so as to enhance the welfare of the people thus: S.17(3c) of the 1999 as amended  constitution  said that the state shall direct its policy towards ensuring that the health, safety and welfare of all persons are safeguarded and not endangered.”

Chinda argued that “it will be most appropriate if we start putting measures in place to avoid the most dreaded disease in the world from entering our country since it has ravaged Liberia, Guinea, Sierraleone Mali, Ivory Coast and others.”

“Since 2009 more than 400,000 West Africans had lost their lives to this deadly disease that is transmissible through blood contact, fluids, tissues of infected persons  and high risk monkeys.  Signs of infection are vomiting, stooling and high fever.”

He noted that: “World Health Organisation,  WHO had repeatedly warned other  African countries to do everything to avoid the disease from spreading into their countries instead it continued to increase.
“I urge all our relevant committees to quickly look into this matter to ensure that preventive measures were taken to avoid it from entering Nigeria.”

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