Eat peanut butter and reduce breast cancer risk

Breast Cancer

THERE is a link between eating vegetable proteins such as those found in peanut butter and a lower risk of breast cancer. Noncancerous benign breast disease occurs from either an infection or injury which causes lumps to breast tissue or from changes to the breast.


Studies show that although other types of vegetable proteins and fats could have the same effect, there is not as much data on those as on peanut butter.

Although researchers  from Harvard Medical School, the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, did not show that eating peanut butter would prevent  breast cancer, they only showed the relationship between eating peanut butter and breast disease.


The study involved 9,039 girls from the United States from nine to 15 years old, starting in 1996. Annually, they filled out food questionnaires until 2001. They then filled out the questionnaires every two years until 2011. The study determined the effects from childhood or adolescence until early adulthood.

The study began to track whether the females had breast disease in 2005. The women were all adults then, with the youngest being 18.

According to the research, eating peanut butter twice a week as children or adolescents reduced the chance of getting the breast disease by 39 percent. The effect was more noticeable in girls whose families had a history of breast cancer.

The findings seem to suggest that peanut butter could “reduce the risk of breast cancer in women.”


According to the study, lentils, beans, corn and soybeans may also help prevent the breast disease. Because the consumption of these items was lower by participants in the study, the evidence of this was weaker, however.

There have been previous studies which have demonstrated that the consumption of vegetable fat, peanut butter and nuts may lower the risk of benign breast disease.

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