My personal opinion about Buhari, Osinbajo, Atiku, Tinubu and Peter Obi

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My opinion about Buhari in 2015 and now has not changed. He is not a corrupt politician, he will not steal Nigeria’s money, my only problem with him is that I feel he is not in charge of his government, and he is too ethnic conscious.

He seems to appear unaware and lost in his environment. He is excessively tolerant, he even finds it difficult to sack confirmed thieves in his government. In my judgement, he would have done better as a traditional ruler after he retired from the military, rather than attempting to rule a tumultuous country like Nigeria.


Osinbajo in my thinking would have been the most qualified to be President if he had emerged successful in the primaries. It was unfortunate that most youths blamed him for failures in BUHARI’s government and called him an accomplice. Well, If you understand the politics and intrigues within the presidency, you will not blame Osinbajo for staying quite.

He was never given an opportunity. Eight years understudying the system is not an experience to throw away. If Tinubu had stepped down for him and thrown his weight behind him, the conversation today would have taken a different tone.


Atiku is different from all the aspirants. He understands the issues, Atiku knows exactly what we call the nigerian problem. Atiku can comfortably discus power supply because he knows the real problem, he understands the central bank, he understands Nigeria. He knows how to manipulate the national assembly to get his way.

One reason I refused to support Atiku as president is because he is part of the reason Nigeria failed. He is an elite, he thinks like an elite, he belongs to the big boys club, he does not understand poverty, he does not know what it means to sleep without light amidst mosquitoes, he does not understand the discomfort, in my thinking he does not have a solution for changing the conditions of the poor. This explains why I did not support him.


Tinubu is a great Nigerian leader. My problem with him is that he built a man, good enough to be president but chose to bring him down rather than promote him to the highest office.

I consider it love for self and power at the detriment of the nation. I listened to Tinubu’s speeches, I really do not think he understands the Nigerian issues from a technocratic point of view.

Tinubu I think has a lot of political capacity and decisiveness, he will be a very tough president if elected, but again, I think age is not on his side and in my thinking he embodies what we call the Nigerian problem. I don’t see him as a reformist, I rather see him as a godfather, or kingmaker, than as a president.


Peter Obi is personally rich, but he reasons like a poor man. It is not bad to reason like a poor man. His type is what we need now in Nigeria. He is not wasteful, because he understands the importance of money and places value in little things. We need a president who will question every project, and Obi fits the bill.

Obi will not be a president that any aide can control or lead him astray. He will ask questions and expect answers that make sense. As at today, our total national revenue equals the interest we pay on loans. Obi will not take unnecessary loans without asking about the long-term implications, Buhari failed here. Buhari was deceived and led astray to take loans without thinking of the long-term implications on national revenue.

Obi will not tolerate corrupt ministers and will not serve as an ethnic leader. Obi is an Igbo man, but he is more a Nigerian. In times like these, Nigeria needs a leader to unite the country, a leader who will be truly Nigerian, a leader who understands global markets, Industrialization and commerce.

Atiku and Tinubu are great, but truth be told, of the three without mincing words, Nigeria needs a leader like Peter Obi.

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