05252016C passenger being escorted

Flight forced to divert after passenger tries opening door at 38,000ft for a smoke

A passenger on an international flight has been reported to have attempted to open the door of the plane while at 38,000 ft so he could smoke.

The international flight had according to reports, been forced to divert following the actions of the passenger during the Vancouver bound flight on Sunday, May 22, 2016.

Officials have disclosed that the Lufthansa flight had been forced to divert from Munich to Hamburg where the man, who had been behaving increasingly erratically, had been forcefully removed.

Hamburg police confirms that a rescue crew which had included a doctor, had met the man upon arrival at the airport in Hamburg, diagnosing him with a mental disorder.

He was later taken to a local psychiatric facility while the reports also reveal that no active police investigation into the incident have been launched.

Another passenger on the flight identified as Dan Iosch, from Vancouver, told CBCnews:

“It was reported that there was a man in the back of the plane screaming and yelling and apparently tried to open the back door of the aircraft at 38,000 feet.

“Apparently at the beginning of the flight he was being a little difficult, but they decided to take off.

“I guess once we got in the air he got more and more agitated and he tried to light up a cigarette. He was yelling and screaming.”

The man was escorted from the Airbus A340-600 by paramedics and other officials down to the local psychiatric facility in the city.

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