21-yr-old commits suicide over guilt of abortion after listening to Ed Sheeran’s “Small Bump”

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News reports have revealed the untimely death of a single mother after she committed suicide following feelings of guilt stemming from an abortion she had carried out.

Jade Rees, 21-yr-old single mother of one, had reportedly killed herself after struggling with her decision to have an abortion weeks earlier.

Rees had reportedly terminated her pregnancy after the father of her unborn child had ended their relationship of five months, moving on to date another woman.

The reports reveal that her decision had left her ”upset and distressed” and three weeks later, Rees had taken her life after reportedly listening to Ed Sheeran’s song, ‘Small Bump’ which had been recorded in response to a friend’s miscarriage at five months of pregnancy.

Rees was reported to have left a handwritten note addressed to her parents and her two-year-old son, explaining the struggles she had faced following the scarring the procedure.

Further investigations revealed that Rees, from Oldham, Greater Manchester, had a long history of eating disorders and depression since she had been 14 years old.

Rees had also reportedly been on antidepressants following her anorexia diagnosis, but had been taken off the drugs following her pregnancy with her son in 2013.

The reports reveal that Rees had coped exceptionally well with her break up with her son’s father only four months into her pregnancy, turning out to be a doting mother.

Rees had met her last boyfriend in 2015, splitting from him after she had taken in and in devastation, had terminated the pregnancy in October 2015.

Rees’ mental state had reportedly gotten worse following the incidents, hitting a climax when she had visited a bar she frequented with her ex-boyfriend only to learn that he had asked her to be banned by the Landlord.

The reports go on to reveal that Rees who had taken an overdose of drugs initially, without informing anyone, or seeking medical attention, had taken another overdose 48 hours later, before she had been rushed to the Royal Oldham Hospital’s A&E department, where she had been discharged two days later.

Dr Easodhavidhya Elango, a trainee psychiatric specialist, at the hospital revealed to the inquest how she had gotten to know Rees, following her first visit.

Speaking with inquest, Dr Elango said:

”She told me about the abortion she had just three weeks earlier, and how the split from her ex-partner had been very distressing for her. She told me she believed he had a new girlfriend and was struggling to come to terms with it.

“She denied having any past medical history or any form of psychotic illness. When I asked her about this, she said ‘For God’s sake, I have a son to look after. She told me she regretted taking the overdose, and promised to keep herself safe.”

Unfortunately, Rees had reportedly hung herself a couple of days later.

May her soul rest in peace.

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