Senator accuses Buhari of hypocrisy over forex ban

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Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has criticized President Muhammadu Buhari for saying that no foreign exchange will be made available to parents whose children are studying abroad.

Buhari made the comment during a recent interview with Al Jazeera in Qatar despite being questioned on the status of his own children who are also in schools outside the country.

Ben Bruce reacted to the president’s comments via a Facebook post. It reads:

It’s awkward for a leader to say no ‪#‎ForexForEducation for our kids schooling abroad when his own kids school abroad!

Mr. President, these are people who voted for you. You ought to be more sensitive about their need for #ForexForEducation.

This year all tiers of govt, including the Presidency, will spend billions importing cars. If we can afford that, cant we afford #ForexForEducation

What do we expect parents whose kids have spent 2 years in schools abroad. Should their kids drop out after going so far? #ForexForEducation

Its not a matter of “those who can afford it”. The parents aren’t saying they cant afford it. They’re saying they cant get #ForexForEducation.

I am an advocate for ‪#‎BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira but I accept that there are some courses that we don’t offer #ForexForEducation

If we can provide foreign exchange to those going on pilgrimage, surely we can provide #ForexForEducation. Education is a priority!

These policies will have the opposite effect of what you intend. Nigerians will take their funds to neighboring nations #ForexForEducation

We as elected representatives of the people must be sensitive to their needs and reflect this sensitivity in policies #ForexForEducation

My name is Ben Murray-Bruce and I just want to make Commonsense!

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