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Rapper is probably Nigeria’s 1st multi-platform brand

Nigerian rapper Falz, 25, is one of the emerging rappers in Nigeria. His unique English flow laced with Yoruba accent has made him very popular.

Falz’s rise in music is mostly the same. The sin of popular lawyer Femi Falana went to St Leos Catholic Primary School in Lagos and later went to Olashore International Secondary School, Osun state. In 2012 he became a barrister after studying Law at the University of Reading.

Falz started doing music when he was at Olashore. In the year 2007, he released his first body of work ‘Shakara’ a mixtape.

Circa 2010 Falz started infusing heavy Yoruba accent into his music which started bringing attention to him and his music.

In 2014, Falz dropped his debut album ‘Wzup Guy’ which featured the hit single ‘Marry Me’ featuring Poe and Yemi Alade. The success of this album wasn’t what catapulted Falz into stardom. The persona of a razz speaking Yoruba dude he created was what paved the way for him.

Today, Falz is perhaps Nigeria’s number one multi-platform brand. He is a respected rapper, comedian and upcoming actor.

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