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President promises to help pharmaceutical companies

President Buhari has promised to boost the capacity of pharmaceutical companies to produce essential drugs locally.

Buhari said it will be a more viable option, than relying heavily on importation.

Mr. President said this while receiving a team of health professionals led by Professor Olu Akinkugbe at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Buhari also recalled that in his years at the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF), pharmaceutical companies were empowered with resources to produce drugs locally.

He also said “We can revisit the experience. We can strengthen pharmaceutical companies to produce essential drugs needed in the country locally. We can then be sure of the quality of such medications.”

 The Economist, recently said President Muhammadu Buhari is making the same mistakes in handling Nigeria’s economy that he made as a military ruler.

The publication also criticized Buhari for failing to devalue the Naira in an article titled: Nigeria’s economy; Hope the naira falls.

The President has also said he won’t be giving N5000 monthly stipend to unemployed Nigerians.

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