01032016C Pastor Mrs Akin Akinsanya

Pastor, wife welcome twins after 18 years

The saying that God’s time is the best can best be described the joy that permeated the home of Pastor and Pastor Mrs. Akin Akinsanya, after they were blessed with a set of twins after 18 years of barrenness.

The couple who are strong members of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Ogun State branch, had become the center of mockery by many, including their family members who did not see why the husband should continue to keep faith with a woman who had passed the age of child birth.

But the couple continued hoping and praying to God, waiting on His time and when it was the appointed time, God visited them and blessed them with the twins.

A member of the PFN in the state, Bolade Oke, took to Facebook to celebrate the wonderful work of God in the lives of Pastor and Pastor Mrs. Akinsanya.

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