Armed robbers attack hospitals, mishandle patients

A group of armed robbers stormed a hospital in the Okitipupa Local Government Area of Ondo State in two separate attacks.

According to Punch,  the attacks were allegedly carried out last week Sunday and Monday, February 21 and 22 respectively by the same gang.

 The robbers stormed the hospitals between 10pm and 11.30pm in the two days, collected undisclosed amount of money from the nurses and others at the hospitals, Punch wrote.
 Speaking on the matter, one of the victims of the incident said, “The hoodlums were four in number; masked, and they came to the hospitals on motorcycles. They threatened to shoot anybody who did not cooperate with them, so all of us lied down and allowed them to carry out their operation without any hindrance.

“They asked everybody, including the patients, to bring out money and those who did not have money to give them were seriously beaten. It was very unfortunate. We tried our best to call the police, but we did not succeed because they also collected our phones and other valuables.” He added that nobody was killed or raped during the operation.

After the first attack, the parties affected reported the case to the police force who promised to look into the matter, yet the second attack came barely 24 hours after the report.

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