Governor criticises Buhari over Benue killings

The Plateau state commissioner of health,  Kunden Deyin, said the state government has embarked upon a sensitisation program to teach people how to prevent the spread of the Lassa Fever disease.

Deyin said the state has recorded eight deaths, 13 confirmed cases and 50 suspected cases of Lassa fever.

The commissioner also said “Lassa fever is transmitted through the urine and excreta of a rat that serves as a reservoir for the Lassa virus and this rodent is usually attracted to dirty and flirty environments.

“The ministry, through its sensitisation campaign, is making an effort to educate the populace on the importance of keeping a clean environment and on the need to ensure that all foods are stored in rodent-proof containers.

“We are also encouraging them to desist from drying food stuff on the road side since the rats can urinate and defecate in them.

“We embarked on this social mobilisation because we believe that prevention is better than cure.”

Deyin also said personnel have been trained to help people in the rural areas maintain good personal hygiene.

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