24022016C Burning Car

Bible, driver come out of burning car without scratch

According to the CNN, a miracle happened when a man whose car burst into flames, managed to escape unhurt after he grabbed his bible lying beside him and clutched it to his chest while offering his last prayers to God.

The report has it that the man was driving a Sport Utility Vehicle Jeep along the State Route 385 in Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States of America, when the car developed faults and burst into flames but rescuers were shocked when the pulled out the man and his bible from the wreckage with no injuries or burns on the holy book, despite the car being a complete write off.

The completely burnt car

Photo Credit: CNN

One man who witnessed the miraculous escape of the man wrote on his Facebook page:

“I just saw GOD on 385,” referring to the State Route 385 where the incident happened.

The miraculous Bible

Photo Credit: CNN

Another witness, Anita Irby wrote:

“The entire expressway stopped and people ran from their cars trying to break the windows and open the doors of this man’s car to free him; as they were, the others went up in prayer for God to deliver this man from the paws of the devil. None of the flames touched him.”

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