Trump look-a-like refused entry to Waitrose

30012016C Donald TrumpA Donald Trump look-a-like has been banned from shopping at a Herefordshire branch of Waitrose.

‘When this gentleman visited our store on Saturday,’ said manager Bob Williams, ‘some of our shoppers complained to customer services. Security staff were called and he was ejected from the premises.’

‘I’d just settled down with my Guardian and cappuccino,’ said Liz Fernhill (56), ‘when this terrible Donald Trump figure appeared. I panicked. We get a lot of Muslims in here.’

Waitrose have apologised to local man Bert Robinson. ‘I’ve never even been to America,’ he said. ‘I’ve been wondering why people have been staring at me in the street.’

‘It was an understandable case of mistaken identity,’ Mr Williams said, on account of Mr Robinson’s hairdo. To avoid future problems, we’ve asked him not to visit us until he has it changed.’

Yesterday a woman resembling Sarah Palin was ejected from the frozen food section of the same store.

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