Mario Lopez Interview Helps Nab Dick Cheney

30012016C DickTelevision personality Mario Lopez’s recent meeting with Dick Cheney may have led authorities to him.

According to USA Today, the interview of Cheney for Bananas magazine by the former Saved by the Bell star was one of the “avenues of opportunity” that eventually resulted in the war criminal’s capture.

“He (Cheney) thought he was being clever,” an unnamed American official reportedly remarked on the elaborate precautionary measures Cheney forced Lopez to follow in order to prevent his whereabouts from being deduced. “But he wasn’t.”

Authorities ultimately identified the location of Cheney’s secret Wyoming compound by cloud patterns and the Cheyenne Herald newspaper visible at times during the interview’s footage.

“Mr. Cheney is actually a very gentle man,” Lopez said of the former Vice President. “He enjoys watching Family Feud and having his head rubbed.”

Other details from the interview reveal that Mr. Cheney prefers puppies over kittens, doesn’t know what an emoji is, doesn’t have a favorite color, doesn’t eat pizza, doesn’t prefer either Twitter or Instagram, wears briefs, and can’t remember the last album he bought.

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