Robert Powell Cries out “I AM NOT JESUS CHRIST” Warn Nigerians to Stop Reverencing his Image

26012016C powell3Special Announcement!

Dear people,
I hope you guys are familiar with these images and the person it represents.
If you don’t know the person, let us reintroduce the person to you.

This is Robert Powell best known for the title role in Jesus of Nazareth

Now, the guy is begging Africans especially Nigerians that hanged or still hanging his pictures in their houses, kitchen, parlor, toilet, office, backyard, to remove them immediately because as Mr. Robert Powell puts it “that he is not Jesus Christ, that it was only film he acted and he was surprised to learn that people are using his images and reverencing it as if he is the Jesus of Nazareth “
He begged Nigerians to stop reverencing his images, that he is only a film actor and not Jesus Christ.

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