U.S. Secretary of State praises Buhari’s fight against corruption

24012016C JohnKerry and Buhari

The United State Secretary of State, John Kerry, has applauded President Muhammadu Buhari’s battle against corruption practices in the country.

Speaking at the ongoing World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Kerry made reference to revelation unveiled by President Buhari’s fight against corruption in Nigeria and how individuals kept money meant for arms deal to battle terrorism.

In his words: “It has been reported that over 50 people including government officials stole over $9 billion in Nigeria”.

‘Obviously, corruption is not a new problem. Every nation has faced it in one time or another in its development. America’s own founding fathers knew the threat of corruption all too well, warning of the dangers that it posed to democratic governance.

‘But today, corruption has grown at an alarming pace and threatens global growth, global stability and indeed global future. When Nigeria’s President, Buhari, took office last spring, he inherited a military that was under-paid, underfed and unable to protect the Nigerian people from Boko Haram.

‘One reason is that military budget was finding its way into the pockets of the generals. And just this week, we saw reports that more than 50 people in Nigeria, including former government officials, stole nine billion dollars from the treasury,’ Kerry said at the forum.

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