Racist Joe Arpaio Extorts Money For Re-Election By Threatening To Retire (SCREENSHOTS)

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Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a vile creature. The 83-year-old has reigned over the Arizona county for more than twenty years, much to the dismay of the Hispanic community, and he’s running for office again. But, the way he is soliciting donations from his scared, xenophobic supporters this time around is absolutely infuriating.

In an email sent out to supporters recently, America’s Most Racist Sheriff extorts money from his ignorant voters by threatening to retire. The email’s subject line is:”Announcement: I’ve made a difficult decision” and begins by calling on his “patriots” to support him or else:

    “After hours of prayer, and countless frank discussions with my wife Ava and other trusted advisors, I have decided my time as Sheriff is over, unless I can count on you to stand with me this election.”

Arpaio then goes on to blame “left-wing elites,” his immigration stance, “Obama’s political machine,” and “Hollywood leftists” for the tough road he has ahead of him should he decide to run for re-election. He tells his supporters that they need to empty their wallets and help him defeat the scary liberals who want to see him out of office:

    “For some of you $5 is all you can spare today. But for others $500 or even $1,000 is a sacrificial gift you are willing to make. My team has told me that because our reserves are almost completely drained I will need to raise at least 5 million dollars to have a fighting chance, so every single dollar helps.”

To be clear, this is absolutely, 100 percent extortion. The definition of which is “the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.” He is threatening that he will retire and not bother to run again unless his faithful, immigrant-hating supporters shell out money for him. He doesn’t just tell them he’d like to be their sheriff again, he threatens them. And this isn’t the first time he has duped voters.

In 2015, he sent an email out with a similarly deceiving subject line:“They’re trying to recall me.” Nobody was trying to recall him at the time. I mean, we always want to recall him but there wasn’t a concerted effort to remove him from office.

It’s not surprising that he would stoop to such levels. This is, after all, the man who can be blamed for countless deaths in his jail and has made the lives of Latinos in his community a living hell. He was Donald Trump before Donald Trump was Donald Trump. His bombastic, hate-filled rhetoric garnered him the support of many top Republicans — including former-Governor Jan Brewer.

Since 1993, he has unleashed hell on brown-skinned people in his Phoenix. And sadly, every time he is up for re-election he wins because people just don’t vote or they have become complacent. For whatever reason, he continues to sail to victory each time he runs.

Hopefully, Maricopa County voters will be so turned off this newest extoruion plot and they’ll vote for someone else — but, I won’t hold my breath.

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