NIGERIA: Patient escapes from hospital in Ebonyi state

20012016C LassaFeverOver 50 lives have been lost across the country, to the deadly Lassa Fever disease since the first occurrence was reported

Leadership Newspapers reports that a male patient who tested positive to the disease has escaped a Hospital in Ebonyi state.

This might be a very dangerous situation regarding the fact that the disease can be transferred through contact and other means.

Speaking on the incident, the minister of health,  Prof Isaac Adewole said the patient must have escaped with the help of the officials in the hospital.

He laso urged the state government to try their best to manage the disease.

Adewole said “He should be traced and taken back to the facility. He should be reassured that he will live if the treatment is done promptly as he could not have absconded on his own without the support of the health officers.”

The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) recently declared the outbreak a national epidemic.

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