Sacked Adamawa APC Chairman dies amidst Gov, Senators war

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Reports reaching Pulse has it that the sacked acting Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Adamawa State, Shuaibu Yamusa is dead amidst crises that erupted the party last week between the governor and the three Senators representing the state.

Yamusa who was sacked by the state governor Bindow Umaru Jibrilla after the Senators from the state visited him, died this morning and will soon be buried. The struggle has also polarised the party and its supporters into antagonistic camps. Although,this cat and mouse relationship between the governor and the APC senators have been existing since their inauguration.

They have been keeping it close to their chest away from public domain until recently when the crisis evaporated following the removal of the state acting chairman of the party, Shuibu Yamusa and replaced with Mr Ezra Dimas, the Governors’ favourite. Yamusa who also has the backing of the Senators, died today few days after his removal by Gov Bindow.

It has been observed  that, since their inauguration, the 3 APC senators continued to distance themselves from the governor and activities of his government contrary to what was experienced under the past administrations in the state, where Senators elected under the same party with the governor continued to supports and rally round  the governor of their state and identified with his programmes and policies.

Most political observers  believed  that, this decision by the senators may not be unconnected with the direction and policies of the governor which did not go down well with them. It is also been judged by his failure to carry them along in running the affairs of his government just as Gov Bindow keep on boycotting any national delegation to the state.

The 3 senators  representing the state in the National Assembly includes Sen Ahmed Abubakar Mu’allayidi (Adamawa south), Sen Binta Garba Masi representing the governor senatorial district, ( Adamawa North), also the elsewhere state chairperson of the party whose election as senator paved way for her deputy Yamusa to emerged acting chairman.

The third Senator is the Son of a former governor of the State Murtala Nyako who was controversially impeached. He is Abdul’aziz Nyako (Adamawa central).  The lawmakers at the red chamber of the National Assembly decided to paid a solidarity visit to the chairman at the party secretariat and shun the governor.

It was believed that, the visit did not go down well with Governor Bindow who see this as an attempt by the senators to hijact the party and the chairman. Bindow, according to associates fear that the Senators are ganging up with the Chairman against him hence,an emergency secret meeting of the party exco summoned by the principal private secretary to the governor Abdullahi Bakari.

Bakari was the state organizing secretary of the party until his appointment as PPS where a vote of no confidence was passed on Yamusa leading to his removal as the acting state chairman and his replacement with Mr Ezra Dimas.

His removal have further pitched the governor against the senators and other APC stakeholders in the state who see the removal as an attempt by the governor to hijack the party and put it in the hands of his stooges and dismantle their influences prompting an emergency stakeholders meeting held at the weekend chaired by Sen. Ahmed Abubakar Mu’allayidi, where they rejected the purported removal of Yamusa as acting chairman of the party.

The stakeholders accused the governor of being responsible for Yamusa’s removal, describing the act as unconstitutional ,null and void contrary to article 17 subsection iv and v of the Apc constitution and called on the national leadership of the party to intervene and safe the party from illegality.

While this controversies  is still going on, a new twist was added to the crisis when Sen. Binta Garba Masi (Adamawa North) supposed to hold an empowerment programme in Mubi the home town of the governor seen as the headquarters of the Senatorial district was attacked and chased out by political thugs believed to be supporters of the governor. The thugs frustrated the programme to a hold.

However, Sen.  Binta supporters  accused the governor as the brain behind the attacked on the senator while,the governor supporters denied the allegation, they claimed Binta has abandoned the people of her constituency many months after election that is why they assaulted her to registered their grievances.

Even last week, Sen. Abdul’ aziz Nyako carpeted both the governor and his new found political godfather  former vice president Atiku Abubakar and advice the governor to concentrate on his work rather than chasing shadow. Ali Abare contributed, reporting from Jola, Adamawa State.

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