How popular OAP was nearly robbed at her office

15012016C tosyn bucknorRecently married on-air-personality Tosyn Bucknor narrated how she was nearly robbed of valuables in her office.

The incident happened yesterday (January 14), and Tosyn Bucknor narrated it on her Instagram.

“So, random.. Today i went to my own office (TTBH) and saw that someone had tried to break in through the window. I think it was a petty criminal because they didn’t have the tools to be able to break in so they probably wanted to do that old trick of stealing valuables via the window” she wrote.

Tosyn Bucknor also give her followers on Instagram safety tips. “A safe tip for us all- please don’t leave valuables where they can be easily accessed and pulled through windows and don’t leave phones charging on window sills etc. Even your bags should be kept away from the window because a friend had hers dragged while she was sleeping and things taken out from it. Grateful!!! Praying for a safe(er) Lagos.”

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