Ilamoshe land dispute: Peace estate residents seek LASG’s intervention

05012016C Lagos CPGripped by fear of armed thugs allegedly led by Ojo Barber and Ajagungbade Families, residents of Peace Estate in Ilamoshe area of Ejigbo, Lagos have called on Lagos State government to urgently intervene in order to avert breakdown of law and order in the area.

Residents of the sleepy neighbourhood alleged that for the past one month, thugs have been harassing and terrorising their community.

Residents of Peace Estate led by their Community Development Association told newsmen that the call had become imperative because a nearby community called Ilamoshe was recently invaded by the same armed thugs, destroying buildings and dispossessing people of their valuable belongings.

The Public Relations Officer, Peace Estate CDA, Evangelist Emmanuel Faka alleged that the armed thugs came to the estate recently with a claim that they got court judgment to take over some properties in Peace Estate.

Fakas who briefed newsmen at a gathering of all members of the CDA at the gate into the estate, explained that although Peace Estate is part of Ilamoshe, it is not part of the judgment the Families claimed they got.

Purported judgment

According to him, the first time these people came in 2011 to paste public notice to take over some properties based on the purported judgment, they did not enter Peace Estate.

“When they came to demolish properties and looted a lot of items at Ilamoshe community, they did not enter this our estate. But recently, they came to our estate heavily armed, harassing and terrorising everybody in this estate. They said our estate was included in the said judgment. What we are trying to let Lagos State government know is that we are not contesting the judgment Ojo Barber or whatever he calls himself is claiming he got, but what we are saying is that there is a legal way to go about it and that is why we are telling the government to intervene to avoid breakdown of law and order.

”We are asking the state government according to the police authority which told us they cannot do anything until residents of Peace Estate go to the state office of Surveyor-General to determine the houses that were affected by that judgment, to call the thugs to order.

”The police said they have ordered Ojo Barber and his thugs to stop destroying people’s properties, harassing and terrorising the residents of the estate.

”But up till now, the people still come to our estate every day and what they come to do, we don’t know. We have gone back to the police to report the presence of the thugs in our estate.

”But what the police told us is that as far as they are not destroying properties, harassing and terrorising the residents of the estate with their presence, they should not talk to them, because the thugs have been warned not to embark on any act of violence in the estate. “However, we told the police that we don’t want them at all in our estate because they are creating psychological fear in us in the estate,” Fakas said

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