‘Why we’re bringing Saudi German Hospital to Nigeria’

01122015C SAUDIThe Business Planning Manager, Saudi German Hospital (SGH), Iftakhar Asfi  has stated that the hospital management will be establishing, at least, two hospitals in Nigeria, as well as partnering with Nigerian medical colleges, noting that it was bothered by the dire health needs of Nigerians, particularly, the medical bills spent abroad.

Addressing journalists in Lagos when representatives of the hospital hosted stakeholders in the healthcare sector, Asfi, said: “We have been attending to many dignitaries from Nigeria over the years. We receive more than 10, 000 patients from Nigeria in Dubai only.

“During hajj, we are the primary responder to emergencies. We had more than 1,000 Nigerians admitted during the recent calamity that happened in the holy land.Many people, who were in critical conditions, were brought to us. We quickly responded to the situation because our government has listed us to handle such situations and we couldn’t afford to fail.”

He added: “The huge number of patients we receive from Nigeria showed the gravity of the health needs of the people and that is why our management has decided that we come and establish two hospitals here.

“When we come here, the cost is definitely going to be lower. We are looking at starting off from Abuja and Lagos because these two parts of the country are well represented. But when we are fully on ground, we would spread to other parts of the country.”

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