‘Yudala makes almost N500m in daily transactions’

The Chairman of Nigeria’s composite online and offline retail chain, Yudala, Mr. Sam Ojo has projected that Yudala will hit the N500m mark in its daily transactions by the second half of 2017.

Ojo said this projection was based on the huge expansion drive and multi-platform offerings being launched to complement growth of the company.

Speaking to select journalists on the sidelines of the formal launch of Guild of Corporate Online Publishers, GOCOP, a non-governmental organization founded to promote credibility and accuracy in online journalism in Lagos, Ojo, noted that Yudala is a game-changer which is set to usher in unprecedented boom in the e-commerce and offline retail sector in Nigeria.

“By virtue of its model, Yudala is strategically positioned to dominate and re-define the retail sector in Nigeria and even beyond. Going by the turnovers being recorded at the moment both from the online and offline divisions, I can confirm to you that Yudala will definitely hit a minimum daily transaction figure of N500m by 2017.

“Ours is a business model that  is being driven by cutting-edge technology, a pool of distinguished professionals who have proven themselves in various business lines as well as a core back-bone of investors who see Africa and Nigeria in particular as a prime investment destination.

“As I speak with you, we are further expanding the pipeline of our offerings and putting in structures and processes which will see Yudala take its rightful place as the undisputed leader in the sector. We are yet to see even a quarter of what Yudala stands to offer in the market place and this is one of the reasons for the confidence in the business,” he enthused.

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