Floyd Mayweather Brutally Beat His Wife In Front Of Their Children!

26102015C floyd jail

Before and after “The Fight of the Century”, fans have been digging into the boxers’ past. People are praising Pacquaio after turning over a new leaf and dedicating himself in serving the church. He is considered as a national hero by his countrymen.

As for Mayweather, negative comments and stories are being shared in social media.

Mayweather has been convicted of domestic violence since 2001. First, he punched the face of his daughter’s mother three times in February 2012.

After 5 months, he struck her on the neck. In 2003, he punched his girlfriend’s friends and in 2010 he beat his ex-wife in front of their children.

In fact, his son Koraun Mayweather, who was 10 at that time, wrote a letter to the police telling what had happened.Though the evidence was comprehensible, he served 60 days of his 90-day sentence in jail.

The judge ordered his release, believing that Las Vegas will lose a big amount of money if he failed to do a scheduled fight.

This is the main reason why he hasn’t faced any serious consequences despite of the troubles he made.


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