NIGERIA: Deputy Senate President criticises Buhari

21102015C Senator Ike

The Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, while speaking at a lecture, at Nnamdi Azikiwe University said President Buhari’s ministerial appointments are not balanced.

He added that it violates the principle of federal character, as laid down in the Nigerian constitution.

Ekweremadu said “the appointments made so far by the current administration are clearly lop-sided that it left the South-East totally empty-handed.”

He also said “I think in this country that is just recovering from a most divisive and bitter fought presidential election in its history; in a country where vicious civil war had been fought and scars are fresh; in a country where a presidential election, believed to have been won by (someone from) a part of the country was annulled; in a country which has deteriorated  from one that citizens held high political and civil service offices outside their places of origin to one in which they hardly do so any more.

“indeed in a country where there has been consistent outbreaks of militancy and restiveness by people who believe they have been shortchanged, maltreated, and, therefore, better off outside the Nigerian commonwealth, I firmly believe from the depth of my heart and conscience that you do not even need a soothsayer or compulsion of the constitution to know that you must necessarily carry every part of the country along.”

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