Buhari’s Ministers, Lawmakers To Get N9bn Housing, Furniture Allowance

BuhariMinisters appointed by Muhammadu Buhari, senators and members of the House of Representatives that will make up the 8th National Assembly will receive welcome packages of N9 billion upon assuming office, reports PUNCH

The outrageous perks of office include housing allowance which each of the incoming office holder is entitled to receive annually, furniture allowance which they are entitled to receive once in four years and car loans which they are entitled to once in their tenure. 

These are some of the non-regular allowances that the political office holders are entitled to as recommended by the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC).

This move is a deeply unpopular one and will surely not sit well with many Nigerians especially as countless workers in the same country are going hungry for months because they have not been paid their salaries. 

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