Buhari may drop out from presidential race as his family members finally step in, concern over his poor health condition.

buhariNigerians should in matter of urgency pray for Buhari instead of condemning him on a daily basis, this is the word of a close family member who said Nigerians should know that Muhammadu Buhari is no longer interested in running for the office of the presidency.

Buhari has made this known to top APC leaders, but it didn't go down well with few of them especially those that have committed a lot of money to sell Buhari to Nigerians.

Buhari is purely acting on instruction of his doctors both home and abroad, the general have been suffering from these illness for some time now “prostate cancer, acute asthma and recently dementia”. Though dementia is only detected recently but it haven't gotten to the severe stage.

It's good to note that Buhari is in a very stable condition until the middle of their campaign, Buhari had literally complain about his bad health during their campaign that he can't make it to all the 36 states of the federation but APC leaders ignored him, all plea by Buhari's family members to give Buhari some rest were turned down. All APC did was to have two doctors and ambulance on standby in majority of the rallies.

One of the top APC leader also plead for Buhari to have some rest considering that Buhari haven't had this level of campaign before now, unlike his three previous campaign where he only campaign in northern part of Nigeria but it was vehemently ignored by Tinubu himself.

The plan APC leaders are putting on table should they win is for Buhari to stay in office at least for one year before resigning on the condition of his bad health.

The big questions now are, who is going to be the president if Buhari resign within one year as plan? Constitutionally the vice president should take over, but considering that Pastor Yemi Osibanjo had sworn an oath to resign his office within six months in office paving way for Bola Tinubu.

Will I be right to say that Bola Amend Tinubu will become Nigeria president by 2017 should APC win come this March? Or will Pastor Yemi Osibanjo defile his oath to Tinubu and stay put as the vice president which will automatically make him the president of Nigeria by 2017? Time will tell.

Meanwhile effort have been intensify by Buhari's immediate family in seeking legal advice on a way to stop APC financiers not to hold Buhari to ransom in case he decide to drop out before election.

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