Lamido: If you follow social media, you would think APC has won 99% of the votes

Sule LamidoSule Lamido, governor of Jigawa state, says the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will defeat the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the general election contrary to the impression being created in the social media.

He was speaking on Tuesday after meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan at the presidential villa in Abuja.

He said what Nigerians read on the social media is different from reality.

“If you go through the social media, what they ‎paint is that APC has won almost 99 percent. In Nigeria?” he said.

Lamido described APC as an “amalgamation” of desperation, saying the country is too big for them to govern.

“What is APC? An amalgamation of pain, anger and desperation. And this country is too big for them,” he said.

“What is this opposition In Nigeria? You must know Nigerian history. Nigeria cannot be governed by an aggregate of pain, anger and frustration. And I have been saying those called opposition who are now abusing us, whatever might have been our crime, it was that crime that made them.

“We created that for them to become either governors, or legislators, we created room for them to emerge. So whatever they think is our evil, they are the manifestations of the evil. Believe me, you don’t know Nigeria.”

‎Lamido also described former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who on Monday relinquished his PDP membership card, as a father who is angry with his children.

He said: “Baba is more than a party man. He is an icon, a national symbol and a leader and an inventor, a creator of all the institutions today in Nigeria from the presidency to the governors who are his own sons, are all his creations.

“And so, when a father is angry with his own children, we will only say we are sorry to him. But then we cannot be renounced for whatever it is. If you do any political DNA of our blood, you will find his blood in us. No matter what we are, we may not be able to live up to his expectations.

“We might have made some mistakes, but abandoning us is not the solution because the country is first before anything else. So, he is our Baba even up to the president. Baba is our Baba no matter what. He is angry with us, but then, what do we do? He gave us the life at a time when Nigerians were fighting us, he stood for us.”

Lamido served as Obasanjo’s foreign minister from 1999 to 2003

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