President Jonathan will win 2015 Election

jonaAfter an extensive review of Nigeria's current electoral map, INEC registration data, voting demographics, issues in 2015 elections and historical facts about Nigerian elections, I hereby project that President Goodluck Jonathan will win February 14th election with about 58% of the popular votes.

The final tally of votes will look like below;

PDP 25,000,000
APC 17,000,000
Others 1,000,000

Two days to the election (Feb 12th) I will release the detailed parameters and model used in arriving at this projection. Suffice it to state that Jonathan is projected to win Lagos in my model and that is the game changer. Data mined from the streets confirm not just a very high turn out in Lagos but overwhelming support for the President. Simply put, the election will be lost and won in Lagos.

I need not state that I have never failed in accurately projecting the outcome of any election of interest, local or international, but I must state that I am a PDP member. If you think my membership of PDP affected the outcome wait for my detailed projections by state and be shocked.

I stand by this projection barring any drastic change in the socio-political environment..

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