Helsinki African Film Festival: Africa seen through the eyes of African film makers.

HAFF Director Wanjiku Wa Ngugi chatting with the SA Ambassador His Excellency, L M S Mngqikana

HAFF,The Helsinki African Film Festival was set up few years ago to provide in-depth knowledge of the African people, their culture, and world-view through films made and directed by Africans, or other people with positive interest about Africa.

Helsinki African Film Festival brings entertaining and thought provoking selection of African films to Finland. According to HAFF's statement on their website, the festival aims to foster communication across cultures and support dialogue on wide ranging issues related to Africa
Ike Chime with Njoki Wa Ngugi

The festival is organized by HAFF working committee  together with Shalin Suomi ry, a non-profit organization based in Finland working on development issues. â€¨â€¨In 2011, the theme of the festival was 'Women Voices' The program featured an inspiring selection of films and documentaries by African women film makers, and other excellent films where African women played a central role. The selected films were those that broke away from the often stereotypical portrayal of the African woman in popular film and the media, instead the films showcased the diversity, of the African woman's experience. â€¨â€¨In the selected films, the African women were seen confronting, and, or engaging in transformational issues, or just highlighting their day to day triumphs, and tribulations.

The director of HAFF is Kenya born Wanjiku Wa Ngugi, daughter of the renowned African literal giant Ngugi Wa Thiongo.
Her younger sister, Njoki Wa Ngugi who resides in the United States was a special guest at the festival, and did a performance during the opening of the festival.

One of the major highlights of the 2011 film festival was the presence of Uganda born female film director, Caroline Kamya. Her award winning film, Imani was among the films exhibited during the festival.

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