Kickstarter supports font development for dyslexic readers

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Who wants to be a President? This presidential race is a more noble cause to bring a helpful font to dyslexic people around the world. To make it easier for dyslexics to read, Christian Boer and partner Robert Walder have started a quite remarkable crowdfunding project. The noteworthy Kickstarter campaign is giving individuals and companies the chance to put Dyslexie Font on the world map.

With different levels of donations, supporters can bring the popular letter style to their school, town, city or a President level donation gives Dyslexie font to a whole country as a gift. The Dutch font designer Christian Boer together with his partner Robert Walder hope to make reading easier by spreading Dyslexie Font around the world. And they are well on the way.

Launching during 'Dyslexia Awareness Month’, the crowfunding project is part of Dutch Design initiative and a collaboration organized by the Dutch Design Foundation and Kickstarter.

The young graphic designer Christian Boer is dyslexic and developed the font in the first place to make reading easier for himself. Demand and awareness quickly grew for the font. Even Pixar Studios has worked with the font and used the font in the books by American actor Henry Winkler.

Christian Boer, Dyslexie Font founder:“I know too well the frustration of running into a great wall of letters. The next generation should not have to struggle to climb over the reading wall like I did. In the past, reading slowed me down. But, the font has helped me and others using my font to move forward towards unlocking information and discovering talents. My hope is to put the font in the hands of those young and old to help ease the frustration of dyslexia. With the font, students can focus more time on dreams and talents, instead of burning energy reading an email, newspaper or text message.” 

Crowdfunding will help deliver on the dreams and deliver the font worldwide. Supporters connecting with the dyslexia and the cause, can become the hero of their city, state (US) or country. Funds raised in the Kickstarter will be used to develop the software toolbox to simplify daily reading and use on various devices such as a PDF reader, mobile app, and browser converter. After a short few days, Boer and Walder have gained momentum. A third of the Kickstart amount required for development has already been received from an enthusiastic public.

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