Remnants of colonial influence in Africa today: A crime against humanity?

colonial french soldier review randy steeleIn the face of an obvious international injustice that decorates the global society today, even in the 21st century, so many questions flood the mind of the normal and average African mind. Irrespective of efforts not to be left “enslaved” for the second time by the tragic memories of the colonial past, one is curious to know if colonialism has really ended. YES will be a very audacious answer. The indices are clear.

It is unbelievable yet true to go through the streets of European countries, like Paris and see the concentration of the young African energy wasting on the road sides. Many stand under the heat of the harsh weather, whether hot or freezing cold temperatures sell nuts and the like, in order to feed. Don’t be surprised that most of them are graduates from universities in Africa. If this high concentration managed to find their ways in the central cities of Europe, some can only manage to reach the jungles of areas like the north of France in Lille.

But the most fundamental question remains, why is the African energetic youth perishing in the midst of the natural abundance that Africa is blessed with, even at this modern age? We are not talking of Africa of the pre-independence era; we are talking about the African youth of today, when technology has facilitated the seconds-by-seconds sharing of information. Yet, Africa, not just as a continent, but as a people is nowhere to be found in the frontline of the human society liberated from the prehistoric era. It is only in Africa today you can find towns and villages that have no electricity to lighten the nights, yet the deposits of the primary resources that generate light are located in Africa. Uranium, for example, which constitutes the majority of the primary element that is used in most French nuclear production companies, which generate electricity 24/7 in France comes from African countries like Niger and Chad. Very ironically and shockingly, the countries from where this natural resource is extracted, not just have no RIGHT, or rather were robbed of their RIGHT to benefit from it, but also have no electricity that brightens their night. And so, recalling what a former minister of energy, Jean-Louis Borloo said recently on this subject about electrifying Africa: “…as night falls and Europe and other western countries are brightened by electricity, Africa plunges into darkness…”!

Why should Africa still be plunged into darkness when night falls in this century? Why will Africa, richly and fabulously blessed with natural resources will still be groping in poverty today? Why will Africa, with all her efforts to develop her continent will still at this modern time, be deserted, and her young energy and youth enslaved in Europe and America, brain-washed to accept the throneness that “nothing good can come from Africa”? There may be so many destabilizing reasons and elements responsible for this situation. Largely from the Africans themselves, namely, the refusal to wake-up from her sleep and take the bull by the horn. But then and largely, most of the fundamental elements are skilfully systematised by the colonial powers even before over 90% of Africans living today was born, in what is called “colonial agreement”.

I find some of these elements in the following article by Mawuna Remarque KOUTONIN and I wish to share it with anyone who has the love of Africa at heart. Happy reading.
Chimaobi Clement EMEFU, CSSp.

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