Severe cold causing havoc on railway, public transport

LKS 7.1.2016 pakkanen kylmyys talvi juna vr kuurankukka tikkurilaOn Thursday morning temperatures ranged from -26 in the south to -32 degrees Celsius in the north of Finland, causing many problems with the national rail system.

A train from the western town of Kokkola to Helsinki was cancelled and several regional trains were replaced by buses on Thursday morning.

At 8 am Thursday national rail service VR announced that its passengers should be prepared for delays and possible cancellations and that schedules would get back to normal as soon as possible.

VR is posting updated traffic bulletins in English about eventual delays and cancellations.

Delays between Turku and Helsinki

Trains in the southwestern part of the country are also experiencing problems. At least two scheduled trains between Turku and Helsinki were cancelled Thursday morning.

An Intercity train from Helsinki to Turku scheduled to leave at 10:02 am was cancelled and replaced by a bus.

The arrivals and departures of both local and long distance trains in Helsinki are experiencing delays between a few minutes up to nearly an hour.

Metro, buses in Helsinki frozen

Public transport in greater Helsinki, where temperatures were at about -20 degrees on Thursday morning, have also seen delays and cancellations of buses and scheduled metro departures due to the bone-chilling weather.

The cold temperature has caused malfunctions to the metro’s door mechanisms.

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